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My wife and I are full time professional real estate agents, and we understand that challenges with the sale-purchase of a house do not stop with setting its market price; that’s why you need to find a REALTOR® that will listen to all of your concerns and understand all of your needs and then have the resources to relieve you of the burden of all the heavy lifting it will take to sell and transfer ownership of your home. You want a realtor that is always available and that understands… that all buyers and sellers’ have different needs. Availability and an aggressive approach to the market requires a full time REALTOR® with expert support and cutting-edge resources. That’s why my wife and I chose to be part of NextHome Advisors. We believe rapid response, specific to your needs, is what you want most. A team offers you more face time and availability. Think of NextHome as a full-service concierge, taking on the most difficult tasks while providing expert service. An agent that works as an island, works for himself, but REALTORS® that work as a team, work for you.

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